Tools to Predict, Prevent and Decongest traffic

Fluentem Features

Fluentem is a collection of micro-simulator and tools that address traffic issues of a smart city.


The tool demonstrates realistic movements of vehicles and their response to the signals at the junctions. Vehicle load can be varied to simulate queueing issues, back pressure, cycle failures or just smooth acceptable flow.

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The tool makes a provision to change signal timings / algorithms and interactively arrive at an optimum settings for selected junctions, based on the city preferences.

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The tool suggests options to smoothen the flow as per user preferences.


Fluentem is a collection of tools that address traffic issues of a smart city. It has two units: Simulator and Optimizer
Fluentem helps the traffic engineer to predict, prevent and decongest traffic

The simulator prototype micro simulates

Unlimited clusters, each with variable number of junctions
North/south and east/west roads
Lane geometries, including ingress and egress
Different signaling mechanisms and timings
Configurable traffic load patterns

It also generates space time plots and movement history for desired cars. This data may be used either as guides to manually tweak the signal characteristics or as training data to build optimizing tools eventually.
We have used the tool and modeled simple and complex clusters like Fremont, Cupertino, PaloAlto, SantaClara and Sunnyvale. Configurability and scalability is in the DNA of our tools. Hence expanding the coverage of above cities or adding news cities may be accomplished seamlessly. Please contact us if you want a cluster of your choice to be simulated. Selected clusters of junctions in Fremont, Cupertino, PaloAlto, SantaClara and Sunnyvale have been simulated using this prototype. Cars were introduced into these clusters using approximate load and signal parameters. Extending this for any other city or adding a set of junctions in the above cities may be accomplished seamlessly, as configurability and scalability is in the DNA of our tools.

Examples of simulation


Look and feel of the micro-simulator

Cluster rendering using csv files to specify roads, junctions, lanes, egress, ingress and signals Vehicle injection using csv files to specify load and vehicle profiles Correct behavior of the signals Zooming and panning capabilities Generation of logs and plots


    Purushothama B Bhat

    BP has been a pioneer in IT industry. His expertise and experience span Computer systems integration for Defense and Space, creating first CAD/CAM service bureau for Electronic and Mechanical designs, building CASE tools to enhance software engineer productivity and providing software system services. He founded Heuristix Systems at Bangalore, one of the first five VC funded IT companies and also helped bootstrap a Flash array based storage company, in California. BP has been a witness to the gradual degradation in the traffic in various cities across the world, specially in the last decade. Most solutions either transfer the problem to other roads or add expensive lanes prematurely, without solving the problem in place. He finally decided to get his hands dirty and build data-driven traffic optimizers using advances in software engineering. And the result has been Fluentem set of tools.